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Let there be MEAT

April 1st, 2008

I don't want the religious mail @ 02:02 pm

For some reason my family never answers my questions via email.

And mom stopped responding .. just sending me junk mail D:

On the note of religion, Pat liked the idea of us painting a cross in blood on his door one night. He got all excited like a small child being offered something .. a small child really wanted or some shit..

March 31st, 2008

Rats Rats ratty Rats @ 07:12 pm

Current Mood: surprised surprised

It seems that Tom and I are moving out soon. Like fucking soon. Like this week or something.

Which is nice.

We found a place that is cheap as fuck and huge. It is on the corner of a kinda busy road, but it is really nice. We just have to pay like gas or something I can't remember right now. The floors are heated and we kinda like it cold so that works out nicely.

The only problem is that this place isn't open till like .. August. So we are going to move into a place for temps. A not as nice place .. but we need to move out.

The plus is .. I  can get a new rat then! I have been talking to someone online who either runs or just helps out a lot in this adoption place who has a bunch of baby boys and girls that need homes. I want to take in two but I don't know how happy that would make Tom. I might just cause ... Well .. They are cute and I am taking care of them anyway D<

The one we are really interested in is this dude. Picture of Giuseppe Giuseppe
Which I though was funny that Tom picked him out because that is my great grandfather's name.

On a stupid note .. the power cord broke for my computer this morning. And doing the warranty call was a pain in the ass. BUT I WILL BE GETTING A NEW CORD FOR FREE SO I GUESS THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS.

March 27th, 2008

Went looking @ 08:58 pm

We went looking for a cheap one bedroom apartment today. We found one that was perfect, then bam .. no animals. They told me on the phone that cats where fine, but apperently you have to buy the place for cats, not rent.
And I don't plan on living there for the rest of my life. It was a nice place but not that nice.

There is one place that is perfect seeming that we found on the school website. If only the people would pick up the fucking phone when I call to ask about it. Tom has about $3,000 right now, so it is a race to whom gets the job first on top of that. We are planning on moving out as soon as fucking possible. I won't hear back from the delivery job for about a week, a place we are applying at is about two to three days, and again at Welmurtz. This time I put down casheiring .. God if I got night shift I wouldn't give a flying fuck. Let me ring up your bag of bugles girl and fat dude that comes in almost every night, yes yes.

Today she asked me if I had feelings for Tom. I almost killed her right on the spot. Because she then had the audacity to tell me that everything she has been saying to everyone else .. she doesn't mean. She doesn't mean to tell Tom over and over again I'm just a huge fat slut and tell Pat over and over again how much she hates me and wants to kick me out. Well fuck you Ashley, I'm looking right fucking now for places.
And no matter what it is going to be nicer then the shit hole you live in right now.
No fucking huge sad shedding dog
No fucking hole in the bathroom floor that keeps getting larger with rot
No stagnet smell from all your dirty clothing lying around
No You

We have been pricing shit and we are going to get like all of our furnishings off of Craigs list more than anything. Mom said the bed and dresser are mine to take and she also has dishes and glasses to get. Tom can't use the dollar for six forks :/
So we will get the nicer ones.

I do want to get a dry eraser board but I think Tom will choke me if I do XD

Right now I just get to sleep though this anxoety .. I have had it all day.... Woke up at 10 am and it is 9 pm and I'm still feeling it! AWESOME!
No wonder I didn't eat much today.... Maybe I"ll loose weight this way. Can't eat .. just gonna throw it up anyway. Thank you Ashley!

Don't worry, I won't go into the ER like Jess .. I'll fucking eat .. just in small amounts .. It is really hard to.

I hate her @ 12:42 pm

She fucking says shit about me then won't fucking leave my bedroom or me alone.


I want her hurt. Really bad.

And she is sitting her fucking huge ass on my sheets, and she hasn't showered. Now it is going to smell like her ass. Wonderful.

March 24th, 2008

Meh @ 01:28 am

I was filling out a survey but livejournal left it more important that I look at the stupid Harry Potter quiz shit.

Thank you live journal for that.

March 21st, 2008

myspace @ 11:01 pm

Myspace is more drama than it is worth

I would fucking delete it if it weren't for those like .. two fucking people I use to it to talk to.

I really fucking hate all the people I used to be friends with in highschool really.
Except you Kendall naturally. XD

So there is a protest on lj today @ 07:01 pm

March 20th, 2008

March 17th, 2008

You won't stop me either @ 06:17 pm


I'm so going to be one of those girls that buys way to many piece of clothing once I'm my idle weight.

On that note .. 20 fucking pounds to go people.


Awesome niggers.


On that note .. I want these fucking pants

And this top

March 15th, 2008

Let there be MEAT